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Lead Software Engineer @ Suggest Me a Topic Of Future Article

After six months of writing articles on Medium, I realized that this is a great hobby that I want to keep doing.

Even though I now have over 70 draft new articles, I want to become more reader-oriented when choosing topics for my articles.

Here is the Google Form everyone…

Clarification on when developers are allowed to copy-paste

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Copying and pasting the code is often considered as an antipattern or even absolute evil. However, copy and paste is just a tool that developers can use inappropriately, causing significant damage to the codebase, or can use it appropriately to speed up development without compromising code quality.

Let’s try to…

With analysis of pros and cons.

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The open-closed principle states that a software component like method, class or module should be open for extension, but closed for modification.

Developers generally follow the open-closed principle in the following four cases:

  • When the behavior to be added to an object is not really its concern. For example, domain…

Which can even lead to bugs.

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In my job, I regularly notice that developers who have recently started working with dependency injection in ASP.NET Core, or those who do not pay enough attention to this topic, have a list of misconceptions.

Some misconceptions cause bugs, while others lead to redundant coding. …

Algorithm for preparing for the technical part of the interview.

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Typically, developers spend some time preparing for a job interview to get a desired job offer. …

3. Estimation Techniques: Analogy-based estimation, decomposition & recomposition, 3-point estimate, PERT formula.

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Most of the senior backend developers from different technology stacks have a lot of common fundamental knowledge that they have mastered over many years of practice.

The list of knowledge below is intended to show you what fundamental areas of software development senior programmers may be familiar with or have…

19. … Provide estimates to your clients or managers as late as possible.

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Learning software engineering best practices and reading tips from experienced developers is what can help you make your job a little better, even starting tomorrow.

The best practices and tips listed below will benefit the vast majority of software developers looking to be better today than they were yesterday.

Application Performance


See what the legacy system can teach you.

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Typically, software developers try to avoid working on legacy projects due to reasons such as low code quality, pure documentation, lack of unit tests, large amounts of technical debt, etc.

However, in my opinion, every software developer should try working on a true legacy project at least once in their…

With answers.

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For those interviewers who might want to extend their list of interview questions, or those interviewees who might want to become more confident before the next interview, or just all .NET developers looking to learn something new, I’ve prepared some interesting questions.

1. Can a singleton object depend on a scoped/per-request object?

Or, the question could be rephrased as “Will…

Finding a trade-off between multi- and mono-repository.

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The rules for choosing the number of repositories for a monolithic project are usually very simple — put the entire codebase in one repository, and that’s it.

However, as the project grows, developers may decide to split the monolithic project into microservices. Choosing the number of repositories becomes a little…

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