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Lead Software Engineer @ I share my experience in the form of articles about Software Engineering Best Practices, Design Patterns, Refactoring, C# and .NET.

Steps to be more confident when changing the source code.

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Before Fixing The Bug

Outgoing Dependencies Analysis

The problem always has a solution. Even more than one.

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Way 0: No Decorator Pattern

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1. Read at least 10 articles on new technical aspect that you encounter in your day-to-day work

Why enterprise projects are “legacy” and how to avoid that.

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Blogging is for learning, not for money or fame.

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Clarifying the differences.

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public class OrderService
private OrderRepository _orderRepository = new OrderRepository();
public Order PrepareOrder(long orderId)
var order = _orderRepository.GetOrder(orderId);

Best practices for best engineers.

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Third-party Libraries Usage

Learning from the mistakes of others.

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Ignoring Non-Functional Requirements

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